Team of Akshara

Sophie Sivasankar, Founder - Principal of Akshara

Sophie Sivasankar, the founder and principal of Akshara, trained under Mr A.M. Joosten, who was a representative of Dr Montessori in India. She holds a diploma in pre - primary Montessori education from the Association Montessori Internationale, Amsterdam. She also has a diploma from the Indian Institute for Montessori Studies to apply the Montessori method to teach children at the primary school level and beyond.

In 1965, Sophie started a pre - primary school in the Tashi Namgyal Academy at Gangtok, Sikkim ( then a protectorate of India). On her return to Bangalore, she started the pre - primary section of the Akshara Montessori House of Children in 1975.

Sophie is a senior disciple in Bharatanatyam of the Meenakshi Sundaram Centre for Performing Arts. Trained by Sri Muthaiah Pillai of Thanjavur, she teaches Bharatanatyam at Akshara.

She is also a skilled artist, in particular water colours, and has a diploma from the Royal Drawing Society, London, She has conducted many one-man shows of her water-colours, oils and collages at Delhi, Bangalore, Assam, and Sikkim. She has been taking special classes in art for children at the Chitra Kala Parishaat, Bangalore, since 1980.

A self taught interior decorator, she has worked for several years for the Karnataka Handicraft Development Corporation and the Central Cottage Industries Emporium, setting up exhibition displays and decorating government offices, houses of ministers, emporia at Delhi, Bangalore, Dharwar and Gulbarga.

Since the late 'sixties, when she first discovered Montessori, all her energies have been focussed on enabling children to develop ate whole human beings - and these dreams are coming to fruition in the Akshara Montessori House of Learning [Children and the Akshara Art of Learning].

The rest of the Akshara Team

1. Sophie Sivasankar - Founder Principal

2. Sumant Sivasankar - Administrator

3. Yohann Chandy - Trustee

4. Priya Powar - Trustee

5. Yorjai Chandy - Trustee

6. Highly trained specialist Montessori teachers

7. Excellent specialised teachers for all subjects in higher classes.