Special About Akshara

Everything we do at Akshara is designed to enable holistic development and to enhance the child's inherent love of learning by actually doing. Akshara education throughout is firmly based on Montessori principles as outlined below. We really do believe in these principles and we request parents to observe our school and convince themselves that such principles are actually the best for their children in real life in today's competitive world.

The primary goal of the Montessori system is to enable children to realise their own inherent potential in all areas of life. Maria Montessori realised that every child has enormous potential for growth and development and through years of study and practical work developed a uniquely powerful system to enable full realisation of this potential.

The ideal environment for children is one that helps them develop physically and intellectually, one that enables them to live as social beings in harmony with each other, and facilitates their emotional and spiritual growth. Children schooled in the Montessori system are creative, with high abilities to think and act independently, able to compete in today's world. We have found that Akshara children have become exceptional achievers, developing into well-balanced and confident personalities.

The Montessori system is a unique cycle of learning, designed to take maximum advantage of the child's sensitive periods, during which he/she is most receptive to absorb information properly presented carefully prepared environment containing all the requirements for the child's development at his or her own pace.

The equipment in. a Montessori House of Children are not 'toys' - they are all tools designed to help and enable the child to work specifically on what he/ she must do in life: grow in mind, body and spirit into a thinking, feeling, aware human being.