Rules and Regulations

General rules for Students  

1. All Akshara Students must be in their respective environments 15 minutes before school starts.

2. Children arriving earlier than 15 minutes before school starts will not be allowed into the environment as the staff is busy preparing the apparatus for the day's activities.

3. Children will not be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without permission.

Rules for Parents / Guardians:

  • Please do not discuss your ward's progress at school in his/her presence. If you need to meet with the teacher, please fix an appointment with the office (See note of Parent/Teacher meetings below.)
  • Children's possessions must he labeled clearly with their respective names.
  • The school does not take responsibility for the loss of jewellery worn by the child.
  • As there is no uniform, please send your child 'sensibly clothed', with proper footwear, etc.
  • If your child should bring home any item belonging to the school or any other child, please ensure that you return it to the school the very next day.
  • Please refrain from using cell phones while at the school. Ensure your cell phone is on mute mode.
  • Make sure to look frequently at the school calendar and remember to attend] important days such as "Open Momings-AnnualDayEvents','ParenQ At Teacher meetings', etc.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings are organised at regular intervals, specifically to discuss children's progress. Parents must understand that this is the right forum to discuss the child's progress- teachers would generally not be able to spend time to discuss such matters during school hours.
  •  If you wish to celebrate your child's birthday at school, please do inform us earlier. Cakes or other snacks you may wish to share with the other children may be done only at snack time, not during class time. Please inform the school in writing, about any change of residential address, or contact number.