Admission Procedure

Getting your ward admitted to Akshara

Parents should first meet with the Principal and observe a working 'Montessori environment', to understand what is special about this type of education and what we offer to help the child grow.

Rules to be followed, during observation of children in their environment

We warmly welcome parents and others to observe children in the Akshara Montessori environment, but we do request that some simple rules be followed

  • Please enter without footwear and sit in the place designated for you.
  • Do remember that the child is not playing, but is seriously working towards his or her development. Therefore, please refrain from interrupting the child's work by talking to the child or by joining in any activity in the environment.

Some other rules

  • Meetings with the Principal will be only by prior appointment.
  • Application forms for admissions are available at the office on receipt of Rs. 500/- Children will be enrolled in the programme when the school has received the completed application form and the fees for the year.
  • The enrollment is binding for the school year. Payments must be made during office hours. Cheques/ Drafts to be in the name of"Akshara Montessori".
  • Returned cheques will be charged at Rs 250 per cheque.
  • At the end of each academic year, parents will be informed about the fees for the succeeding year.
  • Fees will have to be paid by the given date. If in the pale of Lithin school does not receive a reply regarding the child's continuation at school or the prescribed fee for the following year by the due date, the school will be at liberty to allot the place to a new student