About Teaching & Staff

The Montessori system is a unique cycle of learning, designed to take maximum advantage of the child's sensitive periods, during which he/she is most receptive to absorb information properly presented carefully prepared environment containing all the requirements for the child's development at his or her own pace.

The equipment in. a Montessori House of Children are not 'toys' - they are all tools designed to help and enable the child to work specifically on what he/ she must do in life: grow in mind, body and spirit into a thinking, feeling, aware human being.


The 'teachers' in a I'Vlontessori school such as Akshara are comprehensively trained to carefully observe the children in their charge and to guide them systematically in all chosen activities according to the special needs and interests of each child. ( In fact, we do not even use the word 'teacher' in our schools as what we are doing is NOT conventional teaching and enforced discipline at all, as you will see if you observe a Montessori session).

At The Akshara Art of Learning we have taken pains to create a complete and wholesome environment, comprised of beautiful natural surroundings, and we have also endeavoured to "bring the outdoors inside" so as to enable our children to appreciate all of nature's beauty and wonders while they discover all the knowledge to make their way in the modern world.