In AKSHARA House of children your child will find every appropriate tool needed for a creative developmental activity, at the appropriate time when its "inner teacher" tells it to seek out such a tool. Tools to help him or her develop, all the inherent talents that nature has gifted. These scientifically designed tools are carefully presented to the child by well-trained adults.

At AKSHARA, you will find that your child learns everything (from informal skill like tying its shoe laces to formal skills like reading,.writing and arithmetic) in a very natural and creative way, rather than by "mugging" or by rote. There is no by-heart learning at AKSHARA. There is no need for by ­hearting.

Because the child at AKSHARA enjoys all its work, he or she develops and learns much faster in every way than the child who is forced to learn what it does not enjoy. Children who have been through the course in. Montessori Houses of children have been found in all cases to be welt adjusted and very creative when they go to normal schools.

You have only to see children at Montessori Houses of children working on their development activities individually and in groups to understand how yen/ powerful is the method of education followed at these schools. Every child is absorbed in creative activity all the time. No child is ever bored. There are no 'lectures', no meaningless recitations. Every child learns very naturally all that it needs to develop its mind, spirit and body. Every child who passes through AKSHARA will have built an excellent foundation for its future growth and development into creative adulthood.

AKSHARA has been carefully designed to provide a delightful indoor and outdoor environment for your loved child. You are most welcome to come, by appointment, to check out the way we at AKSHARA will look after your child.